Storm Exteriors: Your One-Stop-Shop For Roofing Services


Storm Exteriors: Your One-Stop-Shop For Roofing Services

Helping you manage everything from roof inspections to insurance claims

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When it comes to home repairs, it’s easier to get everything you need from one company rather than sourcing services from multiple businesses with different operation strategies. At Storm Exteriors, we are familiar with roofing services ranging from inspection to construction and insurance claims.


Male contractor installing roofing.

Roof Inspections, Repairs, and Replacements

Roofing is one of our specialties at Storm Exteriors. Our team is full of industry-leading experts that install high-quality materials sourced from the Rocky Mountain region to guarantee your home will stay protected from Colorado’s extreme weather conditions. We offer free estimates for roof installations to make sure your roof is up-to-date and well-maintained. When the sun is shining in the Rockies, your roof will gleam. If it starts hailing on a warm summer day, you can trust your roof to withstand some damage with professional roofing services from Storm Exteriors.




Close-up detail of building steep metal shingle roof and brick plastered chimneys.

Residential and Commercial Services

Storm Exteriors is available for residential and commercial roofing services. In Colorado, it’s required by law for contractors to be certified with a commercial unlimited roofing license to work on any property that is not a residential home. This is why it’s so important to partner with a roofing company that can properly and legally service roofs without the risk of having your project stopped by the Colorado Department of Professional Regulation. Our flexibility and versatility is one of the main reasons Storm Exteriors is placed above other roofing companies in the area.




Man writes on a clipboard while inspecting a home’s roof.

Insurance Process

Storm Exteriors was established by individuals familiar with the insurance side as well as the construction aspect. We noticed that there weren’t enough qualified and knowledgeable professionals that know the ins and outs of both operations. At Storm Exteriors, we want to make sure you’re getting the most from your insurance policy. Our insurance process helps you get accurate estimates for storm damage from field experts who will also stand by you as an insurance adjuster comes to evaluate after receiving your claim. This way, everyone is on the same page. No damages are missed, another company won’t have to be outsourced by your insurance company, and we’ll know when we can begin working on the property.




Slightly profile view of a home with a slate roof newly installed by Storm Exteriors.

Knowledgeable About the Industry

With over ten years of construction experience, Storm Exteriors is full of skillful professionals who are able to help with every roofing need in Denver and surrounding areas. As we mentioned above, we’re familiar with every aspect of the business, and there’s no job we can’t handle. We know where to get the best roofing materials to withstand Colorado storms, and we offer them to you at competitive rates. You won’t be able to find a full customer service experience like ours anywhere else.




Storm Exteriors is your one-stop-shop for roofing services in Colorado. You can trust us to correctly handle every step of the process, making residential and commercial renovations as easy and efficient as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to do the job right the first time around, leaving you with beautiful, superior roofing services that are built to last. Contact us to get started today!

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