Most Important Areas To Look For Post-Storm Damage


Most Important Areas To Look For Post-Storm Damage

Make sure your home will continue to protect you during Colorado storms

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As Colorado locals, we’re no strangers to post-storm damage. It’s important to look at your home’s exterior after hail or nasty storms to make sure everything is intact and prevent further damages. In this blog post, Storm Exteriors will suggest a few places to inspect for damage after storms.


A close up view of a damaged roof with missing shingles.


Your home’s roof is one of the first lines of defense against harsh weather conditions, including extreme heat, high winds, and hail. It’s essential to have a professional inspect your roof for post-storm damage to ensure there are no missing shingles or other extensive damages that leave your home vulnerable. A damaged roof can cause several issues, such as leaks, ruined insulation, and rotting. If you’ve recently noticed any of these problems, you may need roof repairs. Read another Storm Exteriors post about the warning signs of damage to your home, and give us a call for a free roof inspection.




Holes in damaged home’s exterior siding from hail storm.


Much like your home’s roof, the siding takes a great deal of damage while defending you from storms. While it’s easier to notice flaws in the siding than it is for the roof, it’s important to remember to check all sides of your home after a storm. During a storm, parts of your home’s siding could be stripped off, or debris flung from wind could cause holes. If your home is painted, expect to see some chips missing post-storm. No matter the extent of storm damage, premier siding services from Storm Exteriors can restore your home’s paint and siding, leaving it looking good as new.




Person removing a damaged window from inside a home.


Not enough homeowners consider the importance of their windows. They are crucial players when it comes to regulating temperature inside your home. As a delicate exterior element, it’s important to check on your windows after a storm rolls through. They’re particularly susceptible to storm damage from outdoor debris. If your windows aren’t properly sealed, it’s possible that water can seep through, causing even more damage. Some windows need added storm protection depending on their age or style. Let us know if you think it’s time for new windows.




Close up of mud and leaves in someone’s hand that was clogging a home’s gutters.


Gutters are easily ruined during storms because they can  get clogged with debris or roofing materials, or fall out of place due to severe wind. Unknowingly, clogged gutters can cause a whole slew of issues for your home from backed up water being forced to find alternate routes. Most of the time, this alternative route is through the roof, leading to rotting, mildew, and leaks, in addition to new roof damage. After every storm, be sure to make sure there aren’t any leaves, twigs, or other large contaminants stuck in your gutters. It’s also wise to clean your gutters every fall season to make sure they’re ready for the Colorado snow season.




Your home is well equipped to make sure it doesn’t experience too much damage after storms, but it’s crucial to keep the exterior routinely inspected to make sure everything is fully maintained. For exterior home services in the Denver metro area, contact the leading professionals at Storm Exteriors.

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