Why Work With Storm Exteriors?

    • Are you looking for a career change?
    • Do you want to be paid what you’re worth?
    • Do you want to wake up in the morning excited to go to work?
    • Do you want the freedom to make your own schedule?

    We’re looking for people that want to change their lives.

    • The roofing sales business has never been better. There are huge opportunities for those willing to work.
    • I’ve got a proven sales and closing system to help you earn a better income than 95% of all other roofing salesmen.
    • Our salespeople have the ability to earn up to a 6 figure income.
    • Hard work, honesty, persistence, and follow-through lead to big rewards, and I can teach you exactly how to do it.

    It’s Not Just About Roofing

    Huge Commissions

    Get paid very well. Commission + bonuses

    Flexible Schedule

    Work your own hours. Set your own schedule

    Easy to Sell

    Replacement roofs, paid by insurance, are an easy sale

    Happy Customers

    Who wouldn’t love a roof they don’t have to pay for?

    Build Your Business

    Learn to build referrals & repeat business

    Great Opportunity!

    More opportunity for growth and advancement!

    Being affiliated with Storm Exteriors is a unique experience, it is not a job but an opportunity to interact with customers and help them reach their goals. We develop real relationship with our customers and the other members of the team. – Tony H.
    I love working with Storm Exteriors! It’s a place I look forward to going to everyday, because the team spirit makes it like a big family. I truly feel like it’s given me a special place. -Brianna C.
    I love working for Storm Exteriors. It is a company that focuses on providing excellent customer services, and doing the job right the first time around. – Richard T.
    I love that when I get to the office, every day, my work is always interesting and changing. Storm Exteriors really lets the team grow and achieve their potential! – Mary Jane R.


    Storm Exteriors are looking for sales people that…

    • Want to get paid what they deserve and are worth
    • Earn a 6 figure income
    • Want to join a team culture set on prosperity
    • Want to work a flexible schedule
    • Believe that they can achieve the American Dream through hard work and determination
    • Have a drive for success

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