Tips to Protect Your Home During Hail Season


Tips to Protect Your Home During Hail Season

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As an exterior repair company in Colorado, we understand what it takes to keep your home safe from weather damage, particularly hail. Here are some tips on how to protect your home from hail damage this season.


Home contractor removing damaged part of a residential roof.

Inspect Roof for Weak Areas

The roof is your first line of defense against hail, yet is often forgotten about when it comes to home repairs and maintenance. Prior to hail season, you should have your roof inspected by professional home contractors to assess any possible weak spots that could cause severe damage later on. During storms, it is easy for roofing materials to become ruined or altered, causing leaks and other structural issues for your home. High winds can curve or remove shingles, and sitting water can ruin the integrity of roof tiles and underlying materials.




Professional roofer installing asphalt shingles to the corner of a house roof.

Invest in Needed Repairs and Replacements

The best way to avoid unexpectedly spending thousands of dollars on a new roof is by investing in smaller repairs early on. Regular roof inspections can help make sure you’re not surprised by significant damage and have to suddenly pay for costly replacements. Typically, most roofs will need to be replaced within ten years, but the significant precipitation and hail we see around the Denver metropolitan areas may cause your roof to need routine repairs. Contact Storm Exteriors to make sure your roof is in proper condition.




A man installs a new home window.

Protect Glass Windows

Windows are a vulnerable point in your home for hail and storm damage. Shutters are usually the best way to protect glass windows, but there are alternatives like rolling screens or temporary panels that aren’t permanent fixtures. Some window types and structures are better suited against storms than others. View all of the window options from Storm Exteriors to find your ideal solution. If your window sills are cracking or aren’t sealing properly, give us a call for a replacement consultation.




Image of a house with red metal roofing cut into a scallop design.

Consider Different Materials

Sometimes the best way to protect your home from hail damage is stronger materials. You can upgrade your roof from traditional asphalt shingles to slade or even metal roofing for long-lasting and durable protection. Plus, both options add a unique level of design that will separate your home apart from others in your neighborhood. Don’t forget about your home’s siding, which can also take a beating from hail. We offer a variety of siding options that will weather the (hail)storm for years to come.




Whether you’re looking for ways to secure your windows, upgrade your roof, or reinforce your siding, Storm Exteriors has a solution. Not only can you trust us to do it correctly the first time, but we’ll work hard to give you the best solutions for the lowest price. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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