Insurance Process

    All you need to know about filing a claim

    Does your house look like this?

    How To File A Claim:


    1. Call Storm Exteriors before you call your insurance company to have your entire property inspected for damage.
    2. Talking with Storm Exteriors and evaluate your damage.


    1. Contact your insurance company. This process takes a few minutes to complete.
      1. You will need the date of loss when the storm happened.
      2. You will need to provide them with the information about your property, such as damages noticed and what caused the damage hail or wind.
      3. You will need a piece of paper to write down the claim number and the insurance adjuster’s information.


    1. The adjuster will contact you within 48 hours to set up an appointment to come out and assess the damages. You will want to have a Storm Exteriors representative on site to meet the insurance adjuster to make sure they notate all damages on the initial adjustment. Storm Exteriors representatives are trained and qualified to talk to the insurance company and make sure you, the homeowner, get all the property damages covered including any interior damage. Insurance adjustments can take 1-2 hours to complete and you, the homeowner, will need to be present.

    Paperwork / Scope of Loss / Payments

    1. Once the adjuster has written the report for all damages noted to the property, you will receive a packet of paperwork, either on the day of inspection or within 7-10 days, this is known as a scope of loss. This paperwork is the initial estimate Storm Exteriors will start to make sure all repairs are completed on the property.
    2. The insurance company will release an initial payment to you for the actual cash value (ACV). This is one of several payments that will be released to you throughout the claims process. In most cases the insurance company releases two payments: the initial ACV payment, and a second payment for depreciation and supplements such as code related items, permit fees and items missed from the initial scope of loss. The second payment will be released once the insurance company has been contacted by Storm Exteriors and all work has been completed.