4 Tips To Save On Your Home Energy Bills


4 Tips To Save On Your Home Energy Bills

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Colorado has some crazy weather, right? You may think it’s normal to have expensive energy bills when you’re accommodating for frigid winters and searing hot summers, but it’s possible you’re overspending due to exterior damages. Read this post from Storm Exteriors to learn how to save money on your home energy bills.


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Assess Your Home’s Current Exterior

You’d be surprised how much your energy bills depend on your home’s exterior elements. Roof damage and broken siding can lead to insulation issues, as well as leaving an opening for hot air to escape or enter your home. You should have your home’s entire exterior inspected, including windows and gutters, for potential repairs or replacements done by local experts. Routine inspections and maintenance will ensure that your home’s exterior is in good condition, and hopefully prevent any costly damages later on.




The pattern of frost on frozen glass windows with a damaged white, wooden window panel.

Properly Insulate Your Windows and Doors

It’s no surprise that windows and doors play a significant role in regulating temperature. Wasted heat or cool air can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. It’s easy to assume this is an HVAC issue, but it’s possible your windows need to be repaired. A pro tip to check for improper insulation is to place a candle next to the window and watch for the flame to flicker from air drafts. Additionally, if your windows are difficult to open or close due to misalignment, it’s time to contact Storm Exteriors for a replacement.




Water damage and mold on a ceiling caused next to a window.

Take Care Of Repairs ASAP

Not tending to needed repairs as soon as possible will not only raise your energy bills, but also the overall cost of repairs (or more likely replacements) down the road. It’s less expensive to take care of minor repairs and issues than it is to wait for significant damage to ensue. Don’t wait for bigger problems to arise – take care of repairs as soon as you notice them. Chances are, they’ve been there longer than you realize and only a professional will be able to fully assess the extent of the damage.




Hail on a roof with water running into a gutter.

Hire Local Professionals to Help

Local professionals will be familiar with the outdoor conditions that take a toll on your home every day. Storm Exteriors has been servicing homes in Denver and surrounding Rocky Mountain areas for over ten years, and we’ve seen it all. We understand that an excess of sunny days will slowly fade your paint, or that your roof is a trooper when it comes to hail damage. We source materials from other local Colorado businesses to ensure your home has exactly what it needs to withstand extreme weather conditions, and offer our services to you at competitive rates to help you save money.




Don’t waste money on unnecessarily high energy bills. By having your home inspected by Storm Exteriors, we’ll be able to properly assess where the potential to save energy is in your home and give you accurate, affordable services that will be done correctly the first time. Contact Storm Exteriors for your free inspection today!

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